Analytics for Carrd

How to get a simple analytics setup for your Carrd sites

Are you currently struggling with Google Analytics for Carrd? Trying to get some simple insights on visitors, but just getting lost in the complexity?But it's free, you tell yourself. That may be, but think about the time and frustration it's costing you.Instead, I recommend you try Fathom Analytics . It's far easier to use and understand, with the added benefit of being ethical. Sure, it's not free. But their fees are a small price for some huge upsides.

Why Fathom beats Google Analytics

  • NO confusing reams of data

  • NO complicated interface

  • NO need for cookie warnings

  • NO heavy code to slow your site

  • NO data monetized by big tech

  • Only the important metrics

  • Privacy-focussed approach

  • Higher accuracy of data

  • Simple to use & set up

  • Single page dashboard

Fathom logo
Fathom dashboard

How to get Fathom

Just sign up and try Fathom today. They have a 7-day free trial, and after that you can go monthly at only $14/mo (get $10 off your first month with my link).

If you like it (and I think you will), their annual cost is only $158 for up to 50 sites. You can launch and track all your side projects for that.

If you only want to track one site, you could consider my service that saves you money and gives you tutorials on getting insights.

Try Fathom

Sign up for your own account

  • $158/year*

  • Up to 50 Carrd sites

  • Library of insight guides

* $10 discount with my link

Get Easy Insights

For one site only, try my service

  • $79-99/year

  • Only 1 Carrd site

  • Library of insight guides

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